MIPS: The 5 Reasons You Need To Participate in 2021

We get it, MIPS is complicated.

But in our mind, waiting until you’re forced to take part means you’re already behind. While MIPS might not seem important, objectively demonstrating the quality of care you provide definitely is.

Listen to this on-demand webinar with our President and GM at Keet Health, Holly Taylor, as she discusses the big picture reasons you need to take part in MIPS in 2021, the competitive advantages you can gain, and the risks you run by not participating (hint: 2021 is your last year to do so voluntarily).

Plus, we’ll give you an inside look at our platform that helped 98% of our clients score above the MIPS exceptional performance threshold in 2019 (we might even give you a sneak peak at the new version of Keet).

She’ll dive into:

The competitive advantages of participating this year
The risks practices run by sitting next year out
How you can still get in the game for 2021
What to look for in an outcomes partner
And much more